ANS LAW is founded and run by Lawyer Do Ba Thich, a lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property and Business. Before founding the company, ANS LAW’s executive lawyers operated and held important positions in state agencies, leading law firms in Vietnam and internationally.

ANS LAW is marked by the satisfaction and return of domestic and international customers. The success of the company is built on the value of advice and flexible solutions that ANS LAW provides to customers including individual customers, small, medium and large corporations.

ANS LAW’s business philosophy is that in addition to becoming a legal consultant, the company also wants to be a reliable partner with customers. Because of this philosophy, ANS LAW is honored to be the world’s leading companies from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, , Switzerland, Australia, Russia and the European Union designate legal and intellectual property advisors throughout the course of doing business in Vietnam and other countries around the world.

ANS LAW provides comprehensive legal services including:

– Arbitration

– Finance & Banking

– Investment consulting and business consulting

– Contract consulting

– Designs

– Labor and Human Resources

– Intellectual Property

– Dispute resolution


– Invent

– Regular legal advice

– Technology transfer consultant

– Brand

– Translation of legal documents

– Trademark registration in Vietnam and Internationally

– Business investment in Vietnam

With an emphasis on meeting our clients’ needs to expand their business globally, ANS LAW Law and Intellectual Property Law Firm combines, cooperates and maintains a network of consulting partners, Reputable law firm in the world. Some countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, USA, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and other countries are listed here. Middle East, EU …

Slogan of ANS LAW: Be your Partner.