Law On Real Estate Transactions

Legal in Real Estate transactions in Vietnam 2021

I. LAW PROVISIONS ON THE BUY/SELL of Real Estate The buyer needs to ask the seller to have enough documents to prove the legality of the transaction property Have a certificate of ownership of the house, the right to use land with a red book as prescribed by law. Not to be distraint to test…

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Two Trademarks Have The Same Name Exist Together

Two trademarks have the same name exist together

Two trademarks have the same name exist together. Duplicate marks are not uncommon. The question is, can they coexist without dispute? If yes, are there any conditions? Duplicate trademarks under the laws of some countries around the world If the trademark is only used within a limited geographic area, the problem is easy to solve….

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First To File Principle Regulations And Applicatio B365fe7a06be77a2f02436f9b9fa1ac1

“First to file” principle – Regulations and application in Vietnam

“First to file” rule, along with priority principle, are the rules governing the the registration of intellectual property rights. This principle is applied to various types of industrial property objects including inventions, industrial designs and trademarks. Intellectual property rights for these objects are established on the basis of decisions to grant protection titles according to…

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