Why Should You Open New Company In Vietnam

Why should you open new company in Vietnam ?

Vietnam used to be a low middle-income country until the country got its social and economic achievements after the 1986 Renovation and a series of participation in international organizations like ASEAN. Throughout the years, you may be impressed by a new Vietnam in terms of the business environment. It is now an attractive investment location…

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6 New Points In Vietnamese Securities Law 2019

6 new points in Vietnamese Securities Law 2019

The New Vietnamese Securities Law 2019 will come into effect from 1 January 2021 with many notable changes such as: The limit of foreign ownership in public companies; New regulations on private placement; Requirements for being public companies: Requirements for being public companies Under Article 32 of the Securities Law 2019, a joint-stock company is…

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Setting Up Foreign Company In Vietnam

Setting up foreign company in Vietnam

You are not a Vietnamese, you are intend to set up a new company in Vietnam. Firstly, on the form of invesment: Foreign investors, when establishing a project in Vietnam, must establish an economic organization managing the project. Corresponding to the two types of licenses you receive are: Certificate of investment registration (IRC) and certificate…

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Anti Dumping

Anti-dumping, Anti-dumping Case and Lawyers in Vietnam

What is dumping in international trade? Dumping is, in international trade, a situation where the price of a product when sold in the importing country is less than the price of that product in the market of the exporting country. For example, dumping occurs when a product from country A is sold in domestic market at…

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Opening New Company Dealing In Hotel Field In Vietnam

Opening new company dealing in hotel field in Vietnam

Opening new joint venture company between Singaporean investors and Vietnamese investors dealing in hometel, Hotel field. The required documents, time frame and the cost for establishing new company in Vietnam. Preliminary advice of ANS Law 1. on the business lines Foreign-invested enterprises are only allowed to do business in the fields which are not in…

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Required documents for establishing new Representative Office in Vietnam

There are 08 required documents for opening new Representative Office in Vietnam. Please find bellow information for your kindly reference: Required documents An application for establishing Representative Office (“R.O”) in Vietnam (We shall provide you the sample of application) Copy of the Business Certificate or equivalent documents of the foreign company; legalized by Vietnamese Consular…

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