Anti Dumping

Anti-dumping, Anti-dumping Case and Lawyers in Vietnam

What is dumping in international trade? Dumping is, in international trade, a situation where the price of a product when sold in the importing country is less than the price of that product in the market of the exporting country. For example, dumping occurs when a product from country A is sold in domestic market at…

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Preferential Tax Rates In Vietnam.

Preferential tax rates in Vietnam

in Vientam, the Corporeate income tax will be applied from 0% to 20%. How is Preferential tax rates in Vietnam ? How to file an application for CIT incentives ? 10% rate for 15 years is applied to: a) Incomes of the enterprise from execution of new projects of investment in extremely disadvantaged areas: economic…

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Income Tax Incentives In Vietnam

Regulations of Corporate Income Tax incentives in Vietnam (CIT)

What are the conditions for application of CIT incentives in Vietnam ? How to file an application of corporate income tax (CIT) incentives? What is Corporate income tax ? Corporate income tax or (CIT) is a direct tax, collected based on the final results of production and business activities of organizations and enterprises. Conditions for…

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