The Process Of Patent Registration In Vietnam

The process of patent registration in Vietnam

The process of patent registration in Vietnam. There are 4 Steps for registering patent in Vietnam: Step 1: Filing the application; Step 2: Formality Examination; Step 3: Publication; Step 4: Substantive Examination; Step 5: Issue patent (granting). Step 1: Filing patent application in Vietnam There are three options for filing the patent application in Vietnam:…

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Required Documents For Trademark Registration In Vietnam

Required documents for trademark registration in Vietnam

Besides fees and procedure, one of the issue that trademark applicants wish to know is Required documents for trademark registration in Vietnam. This is something applicants should study in advance to avoid office actions, thus save time and money. This topic is discussed further below in this article. Main required documents Other documents (if any)…

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Patent Protection In Vietnam

Patent protection in Vietnam

What is protected patent in Vietnam? The conditions for patent protection in Vietnam: Novelty; Inventive nature of invention; Industrial applicability. Invention will be protected in the form of invention patent and utility solution patent. Conditions for Patent protection in Vietnam Having novelty Having inventive nature Having Industrial applicability Besides, some of the following objects will…

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Patent Registration In Vietnam Anslaw

Patent registration in Vietnam

Patent registration in Vietnam has many updates on cost and protection process. Specifically, an invention is one of the intellectual properties that have a great influence on human life. The protection of an invention is conducted according to the patent procedure of an invention or utility solution. Below is the basic information you need to know about Patents and applications and procedures for patent registration in Vietnam.

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First To File Principle Regulations And Applicatio B365fe7a06be77a2f02436f9b9fa1ac1

“First to file” principle – Regulations and application in Vietnam

“First to file” rule, along with priority principle, are the rules governing the the registration of intellectual property rights. This principle is applied to various types of industrial property objects including inventions, industrial designs and trademarks. Intellectual property rights for these objects are established on the basis of decisions to grant protection titles according to…

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Trademark Registration In Vietnam 2020 Scaled

Trademark registration in Vietnam, updated fee and process in 2020

Trademark registration in Vietnam, according to the newest regulations in 2020, has many updates. In particular, the registration fees have been adjusted and the Nice Classification has been updated. Below is the basic information about Trademark, application dossier and the process of trademark registration in Vietnam Overview of trademark What is a trademark? Trademark is…

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Trademark Search In Vietnam

Trademark search in Vietnam

Before applying trademark application to National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). You should conduct a trademark search. What is trademark public search (basic search)? A trademark basic search is conducted in the database of National Office of Property of Vietnam. The search determines whether a proposed trademark is available for use in connection…

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Trademark In Laos

Trademark registration in Laos

Laos is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) since January 1995, of the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property since October 1998 and of the PCT (Patent) since June 2006. In recent years, the Laos’s economy has developed rapidly, which leads to the increasing number of enterprises established in this country….

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Copyright registration for a book in USA

Copyright registration for a book in USA How to register a copyright for a book in USA? What are required document of registering copyright in The United States of America. How much does it cost of filing an copyright registration application in USA? Work Fee (USD) Required document and information Requirement of the work Official…

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