Trademark In Laos

Trademark registration in Laos

Laos is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) since January 1995, of the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property since October 1998 and of the PCT (Patent) since June 2006. In recent years, the Laos’s economy has developed rapidly, which leads to the increasing number of enterprises established in this country….

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Copyright registration for a book in USA

Copyright registration for a book in USA How to register a copyright for a book in USA? What are required document of registering copyright in The United States of America. How much does it cost of filing an copyright registration application in USA? Work Fee (USD) Required document and information Requirement of the work Official…

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Five Steps To Register Trademark In Vietnam

5 Steps to register trademark in Vietnam

Five (05) steps to register trademark in Vietnam: Step 1: Conducting a trademark search. Step2: File the trademark application, Step 3: Follow up trademark registration, Step 4: Getting registration certificate or respond to the refusal notification, Step 5: Renewal trademark registration certificate. Frequently Asked Questions of trademark in Vietnam

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Technology Transfer In Vietnam

Technology transfer in Vietnam

Technology transfer means the transfer of ownership or transfer of the right to use all or part of a technology from the owner to another party. Types of technology transfer. There are two types of technology transfer: transfer the ownership and transfer the right to use. Transfer of technology ownership: the right owner will transfer…

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Industrial design registration in Vietnam

The procedure of industrial design registration is performed at the National Office of Intellectual Property with the following steps: Prepare dossier, submit dossier, follow the status of dossier, reply the Office Action and pay the fee for granting certificate 1. What is industrial design Industrial design means the outward appearance of a product embodied in…

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Copyright registration in Vietnam

Copyright registration in Vietnam. Recently, the number of copyright infringement is increasing, which show the importance of copyright registration. Normally, the procedure of copyright registration is applied for the following works: Literary works, Musical works; Architectural works; Required documents for copyright registration in Vietnam In order to register copyright, you need to prepare 06 following…

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Patent registration in Vietnam – updated 2021

PATENT/ UTILITY SOLUTION REGISTRATION IN VIETNAM Invention means a technical solution in the form of a product or a process which is intended to solve a problem by application of laws of nature. Patent shall be eligible for protection in the form of the grant of a Patent for Invention/ Utility Solution. The Invention Patent…

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Top 10 company which was granted patent in USA in 2019

USPTO recently released a list of patents protected in the US in 2019. Accordingly, IBM continues to lead the list with 9262 patents, followed by SAMSUNG with 6471 patents, CANON with 3548. patent, MS with 3081 patents …. So in 2019 both Alphabet and General Electric (GE) are no longer among the top 10 companies…

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