Step By Step To Recover Your Debt In Vietnam

Step by step to recover your debt in Vietnam

Step by step to recover your debt in Vietnam. There are 6 steps to recover your debt in Vietnam: Step 1. Classify customers to request debt recovery processing; Step 2: Debt classification; Step 3: Receiving the debt documents; Step 4: Verification of debt records; Step 5: Debt recovery negotiation; Step 6: To execute a debt…

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Civil Transaction In Vietnam

When is a civil transaction invalid in Vietnam?

When is a civil transaction invalid in Vietnam? Under which circumstances will civil transactions be invalid? How does the Civil Code 2015 stipulate on invalid civil transactions? What is invalid civil transaction? Article 116, Civil Code 2015 stipulates: “Civil transaction is a contract or unilateral legal act that gives rise to, changes or terminates civil…

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6 New Points In Vietnamese Securities Law 2019

6 new points in Vietnamese Securities Law 2019

The New Vietnamese Securities Law 2019 will come into effect from 1 January 2021 with many notable changes such as: The limit of foreign ownership in public companies; New regulations on private placement; Requirements for being public companies: Requirements for being public companies Under Article 32 of the Securities Law 2019, a joint-stock company is…

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Diem Moi Luat Doanh Nghiep Va Dau Tu

Conference on key notes of Law on investment 2020 and Law on enterprise 2020

The Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) on November 4 cooperated with the Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) to organize a conference on key notes of law on investment 2020 and Law on enterprise 2020 Main contents Contents Speaker Document Highlights of new Law on Enterprises2020 – Overview of new points…

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Four Noticeable Policies Coming Into Force From October 2020 In Vietnam

Four noticeable policies coming into force from October 2020 in Vietnam

From October 2020, four major policies regarding advertisement, counterfeit products, border security, and primary education institutions shall come into effect in Vietnam, that are: Spam advertisement; National border management; Commerce, production and trade in counterfeit and prohibited goods and Regulations on primary education institutions

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