Setting up a R.O in Vietnam – Why ANS Law ?

Nowadays, setting up a R.O in Vietnam is very easy. You can find a lot of agency who can help you set up your representative office in Vietnam on Google or on other websites. But, why is the service of ANS Law trusted by many customers? That’s because the scope of works is clear, detailed and we require minimal documents that are easy to prepare.

Setting Up A R.o In Vietnam – Scope Of Work And Required Documents
Mr Do Ba Thich – Director of ANS Law firm

Our scope of work for setting up a R.O in Vietnam.

Step 1: Applying for the LFE include

  • Reviewing your information, is it possible for opening R.O in Vietnam or not?
  • Consulting the business field of R.O.
    • (The operation of a representative office shall be solely confined to the conduct of liaison activities, market research, and promotion of its head office’s businesses, excluding services the establishment of representative office in which is specified in specialized legislative documents. R.O will be operated following business line of Mother company but some business line of Mother company must be removed orconsult the authorities, its take more time and money, we will help you remove/modify them before applying.
  • Draft all dossiers for setting up a R.O in Vietnam.
  • Appling the application and dossiers Department of Industry and Trade (DIT)
  • Follow up the application and response to DIT (if any)
  • Receiving and send the License for Establishment of representative office from DIT and send it to you.  

Step 2: Tax registration: – you can do it by yourself.

  • Draft dossiers for registering Tax code in Tax Department.
  • Applying the application for registering Tax code.
  • Receiving and delivering the result of tax registration.

Making the seal of Representative Office and conducting the seal specimen registration at competent authority)

  • Draft dossiers for registering seal specimen.  
  • Applying the application to Police Department.
  • Receiving and delivering the Seal to you.  

Required Documents of Setting up a R.O in Vietnam

NoDocuments SLRequired Prepare by
01Enterprise Registration Certificate of Mother Company01Consular legalization, translation and notarization of translationsClients
02Financial statements of the latest year or written certification of foreign competent authorities certifying the existence of traders in the latest financial year01Certified copy of foreign party, translation and notarized translation in VietnamClients
03Passport of the head of the representative office01The copies will be certified by a competent authority in VietnamClients
04Office lease contract01The copies will be certified by a competent authority in VietnamClients
05Certificate of Land Use Right or written verification of office building01The copies will be certified by a competent authority in VietnamClients
06Enterprise Registration Certificate or Identity card of the lessor01The copies will be certified by a competent authority in VietnamClients
07‘Power of Attorney’ appointing Naci to carry out all assignments related to the procedure for the seal sample registration of the Representative Office01Consular legalization or notarized copy in VietnamANS Law prepares documents for clients to legalize

The process of Setting up R.O in Vietnam

NoWorks Times
01Consulting in the field of operation/Evaluate documents submitted by customersPrepare license application05 – 07 working days
02Apply for a representative office licenseMonitor and handle the status of an application for representative office licenseOn behalf of the customer to receive the license at the registration agency (Department of Industry and Trade)15 – 20 working days
03Registration tax codeOn behalf of the customer, receive the certificate of tax code registration at the licensing agency (Tax Department)04 working days
04Seal sample registrationOn behalf of customers, receive and register seal samples and seals at police offices06 working days

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can open representative office in Vietnam ?

– The company in other countries can open representative office in Vietnam (WTO’s Member”
– The foreign enterprise must have a legal establishment with the operation for at least one year from the date of establishment or registration

On average how much for opening R.O in Vietnam ?

– The total cost of opening representative office in Vietnam is 700 USD.
– The above fee do not include: VAT, translation fees, notarization and legalization (if any).

Required documents for setting up new R.O in Vietnam ?

– Business registration certificate of the foreign company.
– The audited financial statement of the latest year.
– The copy of the foreign company’s memorandum and article of association.
– Passport of the head of the representative office.
– Passport of the representative of the foreign company.
– The power of attorney for ordering the seal of the representative office
Read more: Required documents for setting up new representative office in Vietnam.

Why do many company choose ANS Law’s Service

– ANS Law a Vietnam international Law firm in Vietnam – We have more than 10 years experiences of business Law. We understand the Local Law.
No hide fee.
Exact time with a second.

How long does it take for establishing R.O in Vietnam ?

It often takes from 20 to 25 working days for establishing a new representative office in Vietnam

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